About Us

India's first virtual customization portal
Fliona.com is a one stop shop for all handbag lovers. Taking customization to a whole new level, Fliona is on the road to revolutionalise the fashion e-commerce industry by changing the way of online shopping. No more hassle of looking through thousands of designs and no more compromises on your choices. Choose your favorite design and customize it to suit your style with just a click. Play with colors and craft your unique design and we will transform your imagination into reality.

Online shopping has never been more fun
Fliona.com has been designed specially to provide unparalleled customer experience. Elaborate and informative tours have been added to guide you through our unique virtual design tab for customizing components of the handbag to make sure you get exactly what you were looking for. Detailed breakdown of customization cost has been provided for maintaining extreme transparency during the entire customization process and help you customize the product in your desired price range. What's more, your unique design will be custom made and delivered within 18 days and that too free of cost.

Unleash your creativity
With over a billion possible combinations of designs, you will never run out of options to choose a unique gift for your friends and family or get an extraordinary handbag made for yourself. Share your cool designs on our social gallery and facebook and let the world know about your creativity. The most popular and unique designs will be picked up by our editors and showcased in the Editor's Pick section.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Transforming the user experience from a mere customer to a designer and the process from choosing to creating, that is Fliona.